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Get cash payouts for eligible accidental injuries that happen whilst you're covered
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Insurance for skiing in Japan now on sale.

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Whether it's a season, a race or a trip, make your Flip work for you.

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Get covered instantly before you do (nearly) any activity or hobby.
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Flip covers accidents that are a result of Rock Climbing
Unfortunately Flip doesn’t cover accidents as a result of Motorcycling
We don't have that in our list. Unless it is motorcycling, illegal or booze related then it is good to go!
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Insurance that’s flexible

With Flip, you can get cover starting from $7 a day.
  • Activate instantly, no waiting periods
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Get cash payouts for eligible claims
  • Lightning fast cover
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Keeping it simple

No need to wait for a quote or a call back. Create an account in a few clicks. Turn your Flip on when you need it, so you’re only paying for cover when you want to. Our simple approach to insurance means simple prices too.

Claiming made easy

If you get injured when your Flip cover is on, you can make a claim via our mobile app. It’s simple and quick to have claims approved and get cash in your pocket.
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What Flip users are saying

I would highly recommended Flip insurance, the claim process is exceptionally easy to navigate and all information for the process explained. My claim was processed and approved within a couple of hours. A very positive insurance experience which is a rarity nowadays! Well done to the Flip team!
Bodhi S
Flip were incredibly easy to work with and the process of putting in a claim is super simple. It is so easy to switch on your cover even if you think you don't need it. I highly recommend anyone who is active like me, who loves extreme sports, to get cover with Flip.
Carter G
The claim process is as straightforward as it could possibly be!
Daniel M | Mountain biker
I received great service from Flip, the communication was clear and professional and they helped me out when I needed it. The coverage is great, it covers all it needs to!
Dougal | Mountain biker
Flip is simple and I can choose exactly when I want cover. Signing up literally took less than two minutes. Being able to cancel when I don’t need it and get cover again when I do is perfect for my lifestyle.
Marie | Yogi | Runner | Cyclist
Person Climbing a hill on sunset
I’m always skeptical of insurance products and it being too good to be true, so need to find the catch. Not this time Flip’s the real deal.
Stitch | Runner | Boxer | Noob mountain biker
Mountain Bike Accident
Between all of my sports, I probably get injured more than most. I feel super protected with Flip because it helps with out of pockets gaps, and random expenses. I wouldn’t be without it for the peace of mind.
Ege | Soccer player | Indoor rock climber | Snowboarder
Snowboarder Performing a Jump