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Flip Group Active

Australia’s first on-demand group accidental injury cover.

Help your customers enjoy their active lives with peace of mind. Easily integrate accidental injury cover into your core offer to add value and build customer loyalty.

Why choose Flip Group Active

Accidents happen and injuries can be expensive, but insurance can be complicated, inflexible and costly.

Encourage Increased Participation

Attract new customers and encourage repeat visits with better protection and peace of mind. 

Pay-as-you-go flexibility

Pricing can be set incrementally right down to per-person, per-day. Pay for only what you need. 

More value for your customers

Integrating group insurance adds value and a point of difference to help you stand out. 

Simple all the way

100% digital, no jargon, simple claims process and fast cash payouts for eligible claims. 

Streamlined admin

Easy to set up and run. Customers claim directly with us with no involvement needed from you. 

Get on the front foot

Don’t wait for a sticky situation to arise. Act now and help protect your customers.

What Flip Group Active customers are saying

Flip’s unique approach to group insurance has allowed us to better protect participants, all while bolstering our commitment to adding value for our customers. With the added peace of mind that Flip Insurance brings, we’ve seen participation continue to grow in 2023. And in the unfortunate cases that participants have been injured, they’ve been able to claim with ease, with almost no support required from our team thanks to Flip’s simple process and 100% digital platform.
Chris | Spartan Race and Tough Mudder Australia
"I set out to find the best insurer to cover our members and I found them! Flip Insurance has gone above and beyond for our members whenever they have an injury. Every claim has been paid out straight away, very happy with the service."
Harrison | Soso Sports
Spartan Race included Flip’s injury cover as part of the entry fee. When I hurt my ankle during the race, I was stoked because I had cover without having to think about it. I was surprised how smooth and fast it all was. Submitting a claim was straightforward, and I got $200 cash within a day or two. It helped cover everyday expenses while I got back on my feet.
Matt | Spartan Race participant
Snowboarder Performing a Jump
I saw Flip’s injury insurance in an advertisement and contacted the Flip team because I wanted to change the way we approach athlete welfare. Working with Flip was about covering people at events rather than leaving them stranded with a waiver form. The team at Flip has the same mentality around wellbeing, so we have a synergy and our partnership has been hugely productive and positive.
Donny Fraser | Pacific Action Sports & The Rumble
Snowboarder Performing a Jump

Flip Group Active benefits

Up to $50,000 cash payouts on approved claims. Check the benefits.
Cover while doing almost any activity. Check the list of what's not covered.

Did you know…

Flip’s Group Active policy is 100% digital. Claiming can take just a few minutes for eligible injuries once you've gathered all the relevant information, and we pay eligible claims within days.

Protect your customers with Flip Group Active.

Flip exists to help Australians enjoy more of the moments that matter. We’re building on the success of our on-demand accidental injury insurance by offering group insurance plans for businesses in the sports, adventure and wellness industries.

Why Flip?

Whether you run a gym, a competition, a ski resort or a yoga studio, you’ll know accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. With our group insurance plans, you can offer your customers an extra layer of protection from the financial impact of medical expenses. Our cover is simple, flexible and affordable, and can be tailored to suit your business and your customers.

By partnering with Flip, you can show your customers that you care about their safety and wellbeing while boosting brand loyalty, attracting new customers and increasing your revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Flip's Group Active insurance cost my participants?

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Your customers don't need to pay anything directly to Flip for this insurance cover, because you, as the policy owner, are the one obtaining this cover for their benefit (where eligible).

How much does group personal accident insurance cost my business?

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Our pricing is based on per person per day, depending on the volume of customers you are insuring, and the risk associated with the primary activities included in your policy.

This pricing is cheaper than our direct to consumer pricing, which is $7 per day. Generally, the more you insure, the cheaper it gets.

We can also offer discounted weekly or monthly pricing for you when it is more economical for you to insure your customers in this way.

Why should I get Flip Active group accidental injury insurance for my customers?

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With so many choices, potential customers are more likely to choose businesses that genuinely look after them.

By protecting your customers from unexpected accidental injury costs with our simple, transparent, customer-centric insurance, you’ll add a point of difference and add value for you and your customers.

Do you offer other insurances like Public Liability insurance?

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Flip Insurance does not offer Public Liability Insurance and is not authorised to provide any financial product advice on or to deal in the Public Liability Insurance and does not do so.  

ROI4E has partnered with Lockton and Canopius to offer Public Liability Insurance. Flip provides an administrative service for Lockton and Canopius.

You can apply for Public Liability Insurance using the same application form for Flip Group Active.  You will be contacted by Lockton which can provide advice on and arrange for the issue of the Public Liability Insurance.

Reach out to ROI4E for more information.

I've never heard of Flip. Who backs it and how do I know I can trust a new insurance provider?

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Flip is backed by HCF Life, which is owned by Australia's largest not-for-profit health insurer HCF, which covers 1.8 million members all over the country. We’re legit.

Can you show me how Flip Group Active compares to other group personal accidental injury insurance?

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Just ask us for more detail on the below:

  • Genuine Value with cash payouts for end customers
  • Simple and direct pricing — no hidden fees
  • Reduced claims admin for both business and customers